About ??‍?

Hi ??, I'm Diwaker.

I try to write on this site, not as often as I'd like. I occasionally tweet (@diwakergupta).

After more than a decade in California, I moved to New York in 2019.

Here’s a quick summary of my professional career (see my LinkedIn), in reverse chronological order:

  • Blockstack [2019-now]: Head of Engineering.
  • Dropbox [2015-2019]: Led a variety of teams in my 4 yrs at Dropbox: storage infrastructure, emails / notification infra, event processing infra, search, ML etc. Most recently I led all of engineering for a group called Intelligence: comprising of ~35 people across ~5 teams — search infra, search quality, machine learning, ML platform, ML products. Dropbox went IPO in March 2018.
  • Maginatics [2010-2014]: I was 2nd engineer (and 4th employee) at Maginatics, where we were building an enterprise filesystem designed from the ground us to take advantage of cloud storage. One of the co-founders built the Coda filesystem at CMU for his PhD. I led the team responsible for the filesystem backend, caching, integration with object stores etc. Maginatics got acquired by EMC in late 2014; I was deeply involved in the acquisition process.
  • Aster Data [2009-2010]: Aster built a massively parallel distributed database that could run on commodity hardware, but appear to users as a single, SQL and ACID compliant relational database (postgres compatible). I worked on transparent, real-time scaling up/down of the cluster among other things. Aster got acquired by Teradata in 2011; I left few months before the acquisition.
  • Ph.D. UCSD [2003-2008]: I worked with Amin Vahdat, publishing in conferences like NSDI and OSDI. My research spanned virtualization, distributed systems and networking. My dissertation titled “Scalable Virtual Machine Multiplexing” won the 2009 UCSD CSE Dissertation Award.